El Soco Restaurant & Bar is located in Playa de Las Canteras, on the seafront, in an environment where leisure, restaurants and the sea go hand in hand. Facing the sea, we offer a striking and modern gastronomic proposal to conquer both local and foreign palates.

Our passion for cooking, the selection of quality products, as well as the enthusiasm and affection with which we work, are the values ​​that best define us. We are passionate about good gastronomy and we seek that each client can enjoy it with pleasure, living good times with the best company, discovering new sensations and flavors.

El Soco joins the FEDARIAS restaurant group made up of La Tasquita de Mami, La Navaja Restaurant, Esterlicia Restaurant and COCO Restaurant.




Our cuisine

At Coco Restaurant you will enjoy a very creative and innovative gastronomic experience, where high-quality products and fresh ingredients are the protagonists.

Our menu is based on a modern cuisine, full of flavours and gives shape to a paradise of contrasts with a creative range of dishes to conquer all palates.

We seek to surprise the diner with different and unique flavours. We also offer a wide and varied wine list, both from the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, which will become the perfect pairing for a vibrant gastronomic experience where the contrast of flavours and sensations predominate.

Our Schedule

Monday to Sunday

From 12:00 to 23:00 h

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